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Mango’s Thailand – Chiang Mai Life and Loy Krathong Lantern Festival

An Update on Life in Chiang Mai from my dog, Mango:

So life is really busy here in Thailand.  I tho­ught I kept myself busy in Dubai with barking at noises in the corridor outside my apartment, chasing birds off of my balcony (and any birds who dared just to fly past), and my one of my best hobbies: barking at camels.  And of course my favourite hobby of all, sleeping.­

But here it really is all go. I can hardly fit in my 20 hours of sleep a day.

Ever vigilant, on the look out for something to bark at

Ever vigilant, on the look out for something – anything – to bark at

I’ve now got a house and a big garden.  It’s great, I’ve never had a garden before and I have great fun patrolling and running from one end to the other barking at dogs going past.  And people walking. And people on bicycles.  And people on mopeds and in cars.  And the really infuriating squirrels that go along the telegraph wire just above the garden.

I’ve given up the nocturnal barking; it’s just too much to fit into my schedule.  After a good night’s sleep I’m fresh and ready to go.  Except of course when Madam wants to take me for a walk at 5am.  She loves getting up at that time.  I don’t, so a small battle usually ensues where I jump into bed with the Boss while Madam is getting dressed.  But anyway, as soon as I see my lead I’m excited and all my intentions of getting out of bed two hours later go out of the window.

In a paddy field, everything is so green here in Thailand, it's not like the desert at all

In a paddy field, everything is so green here in Thailand, it’s not like the desert at all

As I mentioned before, there are a few dogs here in Thailand that don’t have people (good on them I say but would regret the lack of dog chews).  They can be a bit of a problem when I take the Madam for a walk around the neighbourhood.  Actually the dogs with people are a problem too.

Normally it’s reasonably uneventful, unlike in Dubai.  The reason Madam got into the habit of walking me at 5am was that I wanted to fight with every dog I saw.  Now I may not be that big but I am strong and Madam would be battling to control me, falling over me (that was embarrassing in front of the other dogs I can tell you) so walking at such a stupid hour when most dogs have not even thought about walking their people was easier.

So when me and the Boss go out it’s a jaunt around the neighbourhood it’s all pretty laid back.  We often go a bit off the beaten tracks, through paddy fields and through trees, so green, I didn’t know such colours existed in nature back in Dubai.  When I take Madam out for a walk it’s a different story.  We always seem to run into the meanest dogs in town and mayhem generally ensues, especially if Madam has forgotten her big stick for waving at dogs.

Barking at a lantern the Boss and Madam have just released

Barking at a lantern the Boss and Madam have just released for Yi Peng festival

This morning we went on a route I’ve not taken Madam on before and happened to pass a big house with two huskies in the garden.  Now I don’t like huskies.  Never have.  With their beautiful blue eyes and luxurious fur.  But this time I didn’t go nuts so Madam was happy.  Then we rounded the corner and were attacked ­by a hyena and its Labrador mate.  OK, it wasn’t a real hyena.  I watch Animal Planet I know this stuff.  But boy did it look like one.  I’m freaking out, Madam is trying to position herself between me and these two hounds of hell.  And failing pretty miserably I have to say.  Just when we both think we’re going to die, two people rush out of a nearby house and call at the dogs and throw water on them.  Honestly, I wish Madam would be a bit more proactive with that stick.

Just as well I’m used to fireworks as it’s the biggest weekend of the year in Chiang Mai this weekend.  It’s the Loy Krathong/Yi Peng lantern festival and there are lots of fireworks going off late into the night and first thing in the morning but I’m cool with it.  I’ve sat on my balcony in Dubai and seen huge fireworks displays around Burj Khalifa  and I’m calm – well until Madam starts yelping with excitement then I get excited too.   Last night  the Boss and Madam were releasing lanterns in my garden and I barked a lot at them as they floated up into the sky but that’s about it.   I’ll probably give the rest of the festival a miss and stay home and….sleep.


9 comments on “Mango’s Thailand – Chiang Mai Life and Loy Krathong Lantern Festival

  1. karisabroad
    November 19, 2013

    Creative post! 🙂 I love Chiang Mai! Hope you’re settling in well!

    • Noor
      November 19, 2013

      Thanks Karisa. We are all loving Chiang Mai. Mango’s personality has changed quite dramatically in relation to other dogs since we came here. A few months ago I wouldn’t have believed she could be so calm. Thailand has mellowed her out.

  2. hnd
    November 19, 2013

    Mango looks super fit, which is great. Also makes it a lot easier with the attitude to other dogs.

  3. I love your blog posts from Mangos point of view and the comparisons to life in Dubai.

    Have to sympathise with Mango, waking up at 5am is impossible 😉

    • Noor
      January 3, 2014

      Amy, Mango is happy to report that because it’s cold in the mornings at the moment I’m no more keen than her to get up early so she’s going out at 7 or 8am instead of 5am!

  4. hnd
    January 3, 2014

    Well, not sure what you call cold but it was 15C here the other morning and by our standards that’s cold!

    • Noor
      January 4, 2014

      Well the forecast here said the low was 12C but I’m sure it was colder than that when we were walking Mango at 7am. It’s warmer now but I’ve just bought a long sleeved thermal top to sleep in when I do another temple stay next week. My friend who’s a monk at the temple says it’s freezing and he’s from the Scottish Highlands! (but then he is just wearing monk’s robes and a sweater).

  5. Yara Coelho
    January 15, 2014

    so this is the famous lucky dog 🙂

    • Noor
      January 22, 2014

      We’re all lucky Yara, we’re certainly lucky to have her 🙂

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