Desert to Jungle

Three new expats, two human, one canine, countless adventures


Our previous home, the UAE

On the beach in Dubai

Thanks for stopping by and reading about some of my adventures in 50+ countries, from the deserts of Arabia to the jungles of Thailand.
The Travel Dream

All I ever wanted to do as a child was travel and help the needy people in far-off lands that I saw on my TV. Well that and be a horse racing jockey. I abandoned my jockey dream when I was hospitalised after a riding accident which happened to be around the same time I was discovering that boys and music were more interesting than horses anyway.
I’m from Scotland originally but spent most of all of my adult life in London, England before moving to Dubai a few years ago. What joy it was to finally escape the British weather and live in the sun, close to the calm blue sea, with the desert visible from my window. I’ve always loved deserts and right up till the end every single road trip with rolling dunes and camels outside of the car window brought me a unique kind of joy.
I was almost heartbroken when the time came to move on from Dubai, predictably, but quite suddenly. Within a few weeks we’d sold or given away 90% of our possessions but now Steve, me and our rescue dog, Mango, find ourselves based in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand where I work as a hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and writer.  Chiang Mai is laid back and life is easy, it’s a good place to be while figuring out where you want to be.

Dubai desertMy favourite things
I’m a news junkie and follow current affairs. I love listening to people’s stories and reading books about exploring and adventures, particularly mountaineering. It was my fascination with what drives people who undertake extreme adventures, what differentiates the ones who make to the tops of mountains or survive accidents, from those who don’t, that led to me becoming a hypnotherapist. I’m utterly intrigued by the human mind – and Mango’s mind. I’d honestly trade everything I know about the human mind for five minutes of insight into what on earth goes on in her canine mind. Other than thinking that Steve is the boss, she’s second in command and I’m the one who should be sleeping on a mat on the floor I have little idea what she thinks. Though Mango’s thoughts on moving to Thailand are recorded here.
I also love the great outdoors, particularly hiking, cycling and kayaking. I run and occasionally take part in races. Not because I love running but because I don’t. Each run is a mental battlefield for me therefore each completed run is a victory, my own summit of a small mountain.
As for favourite places, I don’t have just one. But if the world was going to end in 24 hours and I could be teleported anywhere on the planet I’d choose Death Valley in California.


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  1. trablog
    February 14, 2015

    Wow.. 50+ countries. And your job and life in new places sounds interesting 🙂

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